Apply For Your Credit Card Online

Having a credit card can bring several advantages to your day to day life. It is an easy and practical payment method that makes payment for various items such as purchases, accounts and signatures online. In addition, it is an ideal payment method for those who usually make purchases online, since the purchase approval is faster and your product is released before delivery.


What are the advantages of a credit card

credit card

A practical way to pay

Credit card is a convenient and quick payment method. Credit card payment approval is faster than other forms of payment. So you guarantee your purchase or payment with an easy way to pay.


Do not walk with money

credit card in contingencies

Having a credit card is having more convenience in your day to day life. You no longer have to carry money in your wallet: just walk with the card and use it to pay your bills. It is a safer way of making your payments.


Use a credit card in contingencies

Always walk with the card is to have a way to pay in case of unforeseen. Forgot to take money? Are you without the debit card? It can save you in many situations!


Have more time to pay

One of the advantages of paying on credit is having more time to pay the bill. You can spend your bills on credit and pay only after up to 40 days. I mean, do you have to pay something but you’re broke? You can go on the credit card and pay later, when you have received your next salary or have money in hand.


Are you going to travel to another country? Use your card

Are you going to travel to another country? Use your card

If you travel a lot out of Brazil or want to travel, having a credit card is a great idea. Several credit cards can be unlocked for use in other countries. So you do not have to buy the local currency: just buy everything on the card, avoiding bureaucracies and getting around with the money.


You have benefits and compete for awards

You have benefits and compete for awards

Credit card operators offer several advantages and rewards for those who pay with this option. You can accumulate points on the card and exchange for airfare, services and various products and discounts offered by the operator. For those who like to save money, it’s a good opportunity.


Make credit card over the internet

At George Smiley Brokerage, you can make your credit card online. Simply fill out the request with your details and your profile will be approved by the financial institution.

If your profile is accepted, you will receive the credit card at the address you prefer. Then just unlock and you’re ready to use your card.


Who can make a credit card?

Who can make a credit card?

Today, there are credit card options for different profiles of people. Account holders, high-income people, university students, entrepreneurs, public servants, retirees and pensioners and several other profiles. It is an option that has become quite popular among Brazilians, so there are different options for you to choose.

To make a credit card, your profile needs to be approved by the issuing institution. To do this, simply fill out a request with your data. If approved, the card will arrive in your house and you can use it in your new purchases.